The Pros And Cons Of Private Evaluations & School Evaluations

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You’ve decided to have your child evaluated. The next question is: How? You can request that the school do the testing, or you can hire a private evaluator.

Each option has benefits and drawbacks. Which one is best depends on your and your child’s needs and preferences.

The pros and cons of Private Evaluation

The Evaluator  for Private Evaluation

Pros:  You choose the evaluator. One person does all the testing, so your child doesn’t have to adjust to different people.

The evaluator isn’t with the school, so they may be more objective. The evaluator can make recommendations without factoring in the school’s concerns.For Educational Evaluations in US visit UT Evaluators.

Cons:  The evaluator may not be able to observe your child in school or review records.

The Process for Private Evaluation

Pros:  You don’t need the school to agree to testing. You also don’t need to share the results.

Cons:  There’s no set time frame. You might wait months to get your child tested and get results. You also have to coordinate any additional testing by other specialists.

The Testing for Private Evaluation

Pros:  The testing can focus only on the area of concern. This can make the process go faster.

Cons:  Testing can be expensive and may not be covered by insurance. Your child’s school isn’t required to follow the recommendations.

The Experience for Private Evaluation

Pros:  Your child will get undivided attention in a setting that’s private and confidential.

Cons:  Your child will be in an unfamiliar environment.

The pros and cons of School Evaluation

The Evaluator for School Evaluation

Pros:  At least two professionals work together to look at your child from different angles. They can easily observe your child and review records.

Cons:  The evaluators are part of the school’s team. You can’t choose them. Their recommendations may be shaped by school concerns, like resources.

The Process for School Evaluation

Pros:  There’s a time frame schools have to stick to. So testing and results may be quicker. The school coordinates testing and communication with families.

Cons:  The school has to agree to the evaluation. You might have to wait to get the approval.To know more details on Educational Evaluations in US check Iftr2015hyd

The Testing for School Evaluation

Pros:  Testing is free, and it looks at all areas of development. This can reveal strengths and challenges you hadn’t considered.

Cons:  The results will be part of your child’s confidential school records and can be seen by anyone who has the right to look at those records.

The Experience for School Evaluation

Pros:  Your child will be in a familiar setting.

Cons:  Your child may feel embarrassed about being tested at school.

Find out how to request a school evaluation. Or follow these steps to get a private evaluation. Learn about different terms you may hear for evaluations.

For more information, watch as an expert talks about the pros and cons of public and private evaluations.


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